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Easy Home Istanbul: Rent Studio in Beyoglu

here is abundant information about the landmarks and must see of Istanbul in many tourist guide books. However, we all want to go beyond the clichés. Chosen as one of the three European Cultural Capital of 2010, Istanbul is certainly a big and multilayered city where often the best is hidden somewhere for you to discover. How much time you have and the purpose of your visit are the key factors while planning your stay in Istanbul. History, culture and sight-seeing are widely shared motives. But do you know that a growing number of foreigners come to Istanbul to get a world class medical treatment at affordable prices? Or that "Biennale" has become one of the most reputable arts happening of Europe? You may as well come for one of the performance festivals, concerts or the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix. Renting a private motor yacht for a jet set cruise or letting yourself flow in the upbeat of tempting night life of Istanbul are other options you may consider. You can check our updated links for many of these activities. Here are some practical tips that would make your experience easier and more enjoyable while you're staying at Easyhomeistanbul.
  • Fresh Food Once you're out on Istiklal ask for Balık Pazarı which means Fish Market, but there you will also find fresh vegetable, fruit, cheese, dry food, etc. vendors all along the market. Always fresh, great choice, good quality and low prices.
  • Where to eat? If eating is a feast in Istanbul, Beyoglu has is it from A to Z. Rule Nr 1: go where the crowd is, especially follow the local one. Favour the restaurants which are on the side or back streets of Istiklal. Don't miss the two "meyhane" districts: Nevizade, just behind fresh food market and Asmalimescit, close to Tunel. Although it became inevitably over touristic, The Passage of Flower deserves a visit. Another area Fransiz Sokagi, literally meaning French Street, just behind Galatasaray High School is becoming popular. At the upper end of the fine dining choices, Mikla and 360 offer breathtaking views in addition to their very fine cuisine. Changa at Taksim stands out as a particular world famous gourmet restaurant.
  • Where to meet? Istanbul is a multi centre city expanding over two continents. Beyoglu has three centres: Taksim known as "the Square" is at the beginning of Istiklal, happens to be a main junction where you can find public transport to almost any direction. This is also the place where some street concerts, shows are organised from time to time. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to walk from easyhomeistanbul. Galatasaray is right at the middle section of Istiklal, just 3 minutes walk from easyhomeistanbul. This narrow square next to Galatasaray High School is the nearest place where you can always take a taxi, as one of the very few car traffic allowed streets is crossing the place. Finally, at the other end of Istiklal, only 10 minutes walk from easyhomeistanbul, Tunel is a charming small square surrounded by cafés, music shops and antiquarians. Tunel gets its name from an underground funicular leading to Golden Horn. It's also the gate to Galata district.
  • Public Transport At Easyhomeistanbul, you're at an ideal distance from the public transport system which can take you anywhere in the city. Walk only a few meters to step on the Nostalgic Tram at Galatasaray stop. This tram is the shuttle between Tünel and Taksim. The Square (Taksim) is the very centre from where all public transport is available to anywhere in town at almost any time. From there to Levent – Maslak direction, subway is the fastest and cheapest transport. You may as well take the funicular to go down to Kabatas port and take the ferry to cross the Bosphorus to the Asian side. From Tunel, by subway you can go down to Karakoy port for ferries in all directions or walk through Galata Bridge, cross the Golden Horn and pay a visit to the famous Egyptian Bazaar. It's only a 10 minutes' walk down from Easyhomeistanbul to Tophane, where on your left you will find the contemporary art centre Istanbulmodern. If you like, you can take the fast tram from here to reach Sultanahmet, Grand Bazaar or even Ataturk Airport by changing the line at Aksaray. At the north of Istiklal Street, a parallel street Tarlabasi is busy with its bus traffic, where you can find the stops for many lines. The nearest public transport booth is just by Galatasaray Highschool. In adition to conventional public transport, there is a Turkish invention called "dolmus" which is kind of shared taxi/minibus, operating like buses, with lines and stops. These are slightly more expensive than municipal buses but extremely handy for many journeys.

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